Girl code is just about the best show of all time. 

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That’s it that’s the whole country

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I just realized how fucking disgusting it is that it’s considered healthy and normal for teenage boys to eat everything ever yet teenage girls are obviously also growing but are fucking dieting all the time and shamed for eating while they’re growing

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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

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Don’t forget that.

-Burnie Burns

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Favorite People | Mindy Kaling

"I’m not married, I frequently use my debit card to buy things that cost less than three dollars, and my bedroom is so untidy it looks like vandals ransacked the Anthropologie sale section. I’m kind of a mess."

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I find that most people worth knowing are fucked up in some way or another.

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on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

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but drinking cough syrup

when you didn’t have a cough

is ironic.

because in reality you’re

sicker than you thought.

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one time my religion teacher who has a monobrow asked me “what the hell did you do to your hair?” because i had a blonde streak through it and i said “what the hell did you do to your eyebrow” and he sent me outside

when i came back in he asked everyone what monotheism was and i said it meant a religion that worshiped one god because mono means one as in monobrow and he sent me out again

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